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Geméiskëscht "S" 28,50€

Ideal fir en Stod vun 1-2 Persounen

Geméiskëscht"M" 38,50€

Ideal fir en Stod vun 3 Persounen


Opgepasst! Eeër mussen zousätzlech bestallt ginn. 

Geméiskëscht"L" 48,50€

Ideal fir en Stod vun 4-5 Persounen

You want to be part of a regenarative, sustainable, local and biological agriculture? Then you should send an E-Mail to: gemeiswierk@outlook.com and become a Geméiswierk member. 

Geméiswierk members get treated with Geméiskeschten, which include freshly harvested vegetables and other farm-fresh products, such as Honey and Eggs.

You’ll get more informations via E-Mail. 

Discover the extraordinary at our new farmshop! No. 13 is open every saturday from 9:00 to 12:00


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